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Entry #199

Willie D and Willie D Related Flashes

9/7/12 by Dosensuppen
Updated 9/7/12

Willie D Day is over. Now, here is list of plenty of Willie D Day flashes where you can submit your Philistine self to the power, art, genius, and talent that is Willie D.

From Soups:

From a non Soup:

From the Master himself:

You may list your ever-approved praise of Willie D in the review section of each flash and comment section below.

Willie D and Willie D Related Flashes


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The fuck is this?

9/7/12 Dosensuppen responds:

This is the beauty of Willie D. Obviously an educated serf such as yourself would be unable to recognize the genius of Willie D.



This better happen every Sep 6th or else

Willie d is my third favorite geto boy.
I love u Willie d. No homo.


i have a great time

I'd join but I can't think of a name

9/7/12 Dosensuppen responds:

Choice your favorite food, roll with it.

If you want, just sign up with MistyEntertainment and maybe we can come up with a few names.

Also, keep in mind some members can be a bit of assholes in the beginning. Nature of the forum. Don't take it too harshly.

"From a non Soup:"


9/7/12 Dosensuppen responds:

You should join. We give free hats.