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The BBS and You (For The Newbies)

2011-02-28 18:41:17 by Dosensuppen

Now, before we start this list, allow me to stay that the first thing to consult is, you guessed it, the rules. However, this list will be more than "Hey, nub, read the rules". So, please read, if you want to go on.

I've noticed a string of newbies coming in for the year 2011 and many of which are asking some questions. I'm not the most well-known, regarded, or even best poster on the BBS, but I do think at least once a day, someone clicks my name. I'm not the most well behaved either -- I've had my fair share of bannings over the months. So, for the new user who just clicked a name because that user was a regular, here this is:


How should I act?
It would be best to act as if you've been there your whole life. Be considerate of your fellow users, be respectful. There is also the Newgrounsd FAQ II which perhaps does a better job explaining certain things than I do.

What if a user has insulted me?
It's the internet. Getting mad at the user is very pointless. It would be best to ignore the user and move on. However, if you respond to him, do so in a state explaining your positioning, do not lose your temper. Shouting "stfu faggot!" Will get you no where. In some cases, it will even get you a ban.

Okay, the user keeps insulting me. What should I do?
Move on, it's likely a troll. Contacting a forum moderator would be very advisable.


What should I post?
Anything that would be considered interesting, discussable, and useful. However, be sure to keep it in the correct Forum -- Art related post goes to Art forum, see?

How should I post?
Simply with an appropriate title that let's the user know what your thread is about, and decently descriptive original post -- that doesn't necessarily have to be three or more paragraphs long, just descriptive -- and has some discussion worthy value.

I suck at grammar and spelling, is that a problem?
To an extent, yes. We must be able to read and understand your post. It is likely some users will be very unappreciative of illegible sentences, and for good reason. Take your time to read through everything you're about to post before doing so.

Can I make a funny post?
There's no rule against it. Some of the community hate unserious topics with a passion, where in the same light, some love it. If it's actually funny (not, "LOL BIG COCK" as the title with a rooster in the first post) it should be fine. But note: when making such topics, be sure not to spam with shitty memes and absolute stupidity -- use wit, or perhaps risk a ban. It should also be noted that General can appreciate a good joke more than the other Forums.

I found an interesting article, can I make a thread about it?
Absolutely! Many of the more renown regulars often make threads based on articles. It's something to discuss and debate. However, be sure to make sure the topic is relevant to today, and hasn't been posted before.

What about Photoshop threads?
Photoshop threads are usually hit or miss, most of the time miss. If you have a decent base picture, you may strike gold, most of them usually last two to three pages though. Where others can go up to twenty or more pages.

What about threads over controversial subjects? (IE Race, Religion, Sexism, Homosexuality, War, National Pride, Circumcision, Ect)
As much as I don't like threads like these, personally, there is no rule against them. They usually wind up getting filled with baseless argument, repetitive points, and absolute mayhem. There are a few diamonds in the rough, but for the most time, it's the slums. Many threads get made of these and usually wind up getting locked due to the "beating a dead horse" feel.


So, what threads usually get locked?
Although what determines this factor would be the original post(er) and how a thread turns out, there is a sort of profiled script for this.
- Hi, I'm New/Returning/Leaving threads
- Photoshop threads that ran their course
- Controversial threads that go down the crapper
- Pointless threads that get bumped regularly for the sake of the OP's ego
- Threads with no discussion value-- ranging from a thread with little to no detail in the OP, a thread developed for sharing a "fact", or one developed to share an image
- Threads made to ask a question to mods
- Threads made directed to a particular, often admins and renown mods for joking purposes
- Threads that could have been placed in the OP's news post
- Threads designed for image dumping

What threads get deleted?
Threads that get deleted, though there still many are, don't happen as often as simply locking, here is a small list:
- Spam threads
- Threads to share a single image
- Crappy joke threads
- Parody threads, usually when there are a series of parody threads being made
- Threads created for meme purposes - can go under crappy joke

Where can I find some really great threads?
Here's an account dedicated to this sort of thing with a news post linking to many threads.

General Questions
Most questions that you have may be answered more descriptively in Forum Rules and Newgrounds FAQ. However, I will still answer them in my own language here.

Hey, how do I edit my avatar?
On Newagrounds, we separate ourselves from other run-of-the-mill Boards by having a uniformed feel on the "avatars." The avatars are actually called" level icons," and you can change it by voting on five flashes every Ground Golds Day and gain experience points to boost your level icon to a new weapon. Here is a complete list of all the level icons and how much experience points it takes to get to a new level.

Neato! Hey, what's with the colored backgrounds on all the level icons?
Those are called auras, my friend. There once was a time when your aura was based on how you voted, but due to the extreme abuse of it, auras are now chosen by the user. Like role playing games, aura represent your "alignment".
Neutral - Green
Light - Blue
Evil - Red
Dark - Black/Gray
Fab - Pink
The Level Page that I linked you to earlier has the complete list of the level icons and display how each icon looks with a different aura. Also, you may change your aura here.

Wait, I seen some users with golden auras! I Who are they? I want one!
Those are the moderators on Newgrounds, which you should find a list on the FAQ of all the Newgrounds Moderators. Moderators who get this aura are either
- Forum Mods
- Review Mods
- Audio Mods
- Art Mods

How come Icon Mods don't get a golden aura?
There are many users who are icon moderators. And often they would be contacted over matters of the forum, being mistaken for forum moderators. So, things were would be very hectic if they were given golden auras again.

Hey, how do I become a mod???
You cannot ask to be a mod, except maybe an Icon mod. You have to prove your worth and the administrators. If you post well, help your fellow users, and seem trustworthy, you'll likely get asked, but I cannot speak for the admins.

I seen some mods posting and they had some handsome faces instead of weapon icons ... who are they?
Those were not mods, but in fact members of the staff. The staff members are employees of Newgrounds. Unlike some corporation owned websites, you will actually see them posting on the threads and chatting it up with their users.

Oh. So, who's like the head-honcho of Newgrounds?
Good old Thomas Fulp. Tom is the founder of Newgrounds, and creator of some of its most legendary games. Tom's activity on the forums are usually limited, he will mainly post Newgrounds News and give the Icon Mods some tasks to do.
His brother, Wade Fulp, is far more active in the forums. Wade is an administrator and handles many of the tasks on Newgrounds and is often look at as the mod of mods.

Oh, very interesting. Hmmm ... hey, I want a sig! How do I get them? How big can they be? Where do I get to add it?
Settle down, let me tell you. Sigs can be added here. The limit of size is 599x50 pixels. You may request a sig here.

Thanks for the information, but I have some questions of my own.
That is fine. You may either leave the question in the comment box or you may send me a PM, if you wish to keep things more private.

Well, this is all I have for now, as time moves on I'll add more. If some moderators or regulars wish to add to the every growing list of good rules of thumb or important information, I'll be more than happy to add.

Have a good day.


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2011-02-28 18:56:44

This is really helpful and described great

Put it in your sig or something

Dosensuppen responds:

Already on it.


2011-02-28 19:31:57

Should probably add a list of mod positions and what they do.

Dosensuppen responds:

Mayybe I should.


2011-03-01 00:56:08

My name is Lintire and I support the continued... support of this Newspage. I'm linking it in my sig, and imploring that everyone else do the same.

Nice work, man.

Dosensuppen responds:

Thank you for your support. With enough continue donations of links, perhaps we could make a difference.


2011-03-01 00:20:40

Good job with this.

Hopefully newbies will actually read it - but I doubt it.

Dosensuppen responds:

As do I, but hey, if everyone puts it a their sig, maybe, just maybe, a newbie will read it.


2011-03-01 03:10:20

Jesus christ, applause for being fucked to write all that

(Updated ) Dosensuppen responds:

Clap. Clap. Clap.

Also, spread the word, put it in your sig. Hopefully, just hopefully, a newbie will read it.


2011-03-01 20:37:15

Nicely done actually.

Almost all of this is stuff I learned after being here a while.

Dosensuppen responds:

True, but if a newbie can learn ahead and save themselves the embarrassment, then a life is saved.


2011-03-02 17:08:23

Is everyone who commented here retarded, or bandwagoning?
You just copy/pasted the rules. Or am I the one being a retard?

(Updated ) Dosensuppen responds:

You're being retarded, I did not, in anyway, copy and paste the rules. This was all typed under a few hours. Why would the rules link to itself?

As far as approved comments go, I did so because this was suppose to be informative and spamming with useless or repetitive crap will not fly here. Hence why I deleted your second comment.

This is about rules, grounds to go by, and hints and tips passed from regulars to newbies in hopes they won't embarrass themselves.

Maybe I should take pride in the fact that you thought I did copy and paste. Meaning I sound professional and know what I'm talking about.


2011-03-03 01:36:23

Informative for those who put aside the time to read it. Too bad very little people have the attention span to do so. Hell I barely did.

Dosensuppen responds:

Unfortunately you're right. All I can do is give the tools, is their decision to take it.


2011-03-03 06:45:20

meh, i read thru the rules 3 years ago, and i learnt it the hard way, but i'm going to add this to my sig!

Dosensuppen responds:

cool stuff, yo.


2011-03-04 23:19:22

ill put it on my sig.

Dosensuppen responds:



2011-03-06 19:54:48

Didn't help still getting banned every 12 seconds

Dosensuppen responds:

Well, that's your problem. Quit being a total fuckhead.


2011-03-07 21:17:14

I read it... ALL OF IT!

Dosensuppen responds:



2011-04-14 05:31:29

Hey, Narcissy! Remember me?

I'm kidding, but great job with this newspost. I'm definitely going to sig this to my link.

Dosensuppen responds:



2011-08-18 05:29:46