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Mochi Preloaders

Posted by Dosensuppen - April 25th, 2011

Damn, if there's one thing I really hate about the flash portal, beside savers, it's Mochi fucking Preloaders! Jesus Christ, as soon as I see them I want to just exit out of the flash and Blam. I know I shouldn't feel like this, but god damn, I hate these things.

Mochi Preloaders

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That is exactly what I do to them. Those fuckers even load them up behind the game so they receive ad impressions while we play, though at the expense of a quality game experience. Ad audio playing constantly throughout the game and CPU usage spiking to 50% or greater as they try to load 5-6 ads at once.

Most of the authors have never uploaded a flash to Newgrounds, yet believe themselves deserving of an income. I instantly vote zero now, on anything with a Mochi ad.

Interesting. I never heard the audio of the ad being played throughout the game, unless I'm terribly reading this wrong.

I fuckin hate thoughts to! Their as bad as un-skip able ads on youtube! Thats why I don't have a Mochi Preloaded in my soon to be finished gadget game.

Glad to hear.

I can give you my little B/P tips.

With Games Factory 2, test flashes, mochi preloaders, madness flashes, any sprite flashes, blam them. Do NOT blam popular spam submissions. The reason you should blam those things is because they come in masses and you can easily rack up blam points that way. Now with popular spam crew submissions, they are usually mass voted by the spam crew themselves, along with other accounts they have. No matter what, they will pass. Just vote 5 and move along.

And then just vote 5 on cookie cutter games and popular NG artist submissions.

Hope that helps. Keep doing that and you'll get a nice, shiny rank just like me :)

I think I'll just rank slower.

ARGH! I hate those things so much, somtimes it even makes you watch two ads instead of just one *sigh*

I highly doubt people will ever stop using them though... I miss the old days when sites barely ever made you watch Ads for the purposes of whoring increased Revenue (i.e. Youtube).

I don't mind ads so much. It's the fact that Mochi preloaders lock in you in, when the game is already loaded, just to show you this ad. If you could skip it, or if it was small, I wouldn't care at all.

Also, they all look the same and that, itself, is tedious.

I understand that designers want to make money from their work, I really do. But come on, when you make it for money, that's a problem.

Look at that little bastard! He's just mocking you. I aught to burn his house down.


FUCK mochi I have slow internet I can't watch that god damn ad.