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Welp, My 360 Died

2012-09-09 06:28:55 by Dosensuppen

It lasted a good while. Was bought in 2007 and died today. I may try one of those ass-fixings for it. Obviously, at five years of age, the warranty doesn't exist on it.

May just get a new one. A nicer model. I still want a 360 due to the fact that I got some games stored on my hard-drive. May try something to transfer the data.

To my five year old 360, you were probably one of the better ones.


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2012-09-09 06:53:23

I... am sorry for your loss...
I may be a Playstation Fanboy... but I always have a heart for other gamers.
May your 360 rest in peace, and your new one live a long and happy life.

Dosensuppen responds:

Fanboys, meh. I promote commercial warfare. Makes the market nice and interesting.


2012-09-09 07:47:07

It served its time well! I recommend buying the newer 360. It's a refreshing upgrade.
And even though it has no external hard drive, you can still migrate your old HD. A simple youtube search helps out.

Dosensuppen responds:



2012-09-09 08:00:46

My condolences go out to you and your xbox 360. If there's anything you need, call me.

Dosensuppen responds:

I'll whisper dirty, angry things.


2012-09-09 10:50:03

A moment of silence for your Xbox 360.


2012-09-09 11:18:04

gaems r bad Ab0`/3 Th3 inLuEnce


2012-09-10 17:03:40

Poor canned 360.


2012-09-11 12:31:22

Ooooo. Dirty and angry.

Dosensuppen responds:

Not just one, but both.


2012-09-11 23:16:37

I know that feel.

My ps2 just died two weeks ago. We had a good run....

Dosensuppen responds:

My PS2 died fairly fast, but that's because my cousin knocked it into the floor.