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Death Star 2: Not Clones

2013-04-24 12:48:56 by Dosensuppen

A long ass fucking time ago, I, along with Krutches, made a flash for Star Wars, called Death Star: The Nick Name.

It did well, despite our horrid art and animation. Giving us a Daily 3rd. It was a day we celebrated as it was our first award.

That was about twoish years ago. We started on this project, but worked on and off with no motivation. On the plus side, my art approved, his voicing approved, over all, we approved as a team.

So, after a while, I finally put it down and finished off what was needed. Better audio, better art, better animation.

Death Star2: Not Clones:

Enjoy the commonly parodied nonsense that is Star Wars. Because god knows there's not enough of them around.

Death Star 2: Not Clones


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2013-04-24 13:01:50

I'm disappointed that you didn't make it available to mobile phones.

Dosensuppen responds:

Meh, next time.


2013-04-26 15:53:52


Dosensuppen responds: