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Dosensuppen's News

Posted by Dosensuppen - August 11th, 2012

Don't see many of these on NG anymore.

Huh, a Pop Up

Posted by Dosensuppen - August 7th, 2012

Gets a half-assed flash about them, maybe. If even half-assed.

327th Comment

Posted by Dosensuppen - July 22nd, 2012

The old one was getting stale.

Posted by Dosensuppen - June 21st, 2012

Here are my kittens, older, taken with a shitty DSI camera. There used to be a calico one, but my step-mother's stupid Dotson killed it.

I'll see if I can get a better picture of them.

Cute though, wandering around in my room. We got a baby gate up to keep the Dotson out.


Posted by Dosensuppen - June 20th, 2012

Gotta love it when thread titles sync up.

Syncing Thread Titles

Posted by Dosensuppen - June 17th, 2012

And these are tits.

This is a News Post

Posted by Dosensuppen - June 8th, 2012


Posted by Dosensuppen - June 3rd, 2012

The BBS is an eye sore these days. I meant look, not threads. They've always been the same.

Posted by Dosensuppen - May 28th, 2012

You know, there's this thing called hive mind. Where people share a similar thought. Yeah, you heard about that. But I want to coin some other term. I'll call "hive ass." Basically, it's something I seem to suffer from. It doesn't matter how late it is. Could be 3 pm, 5 pm, 9 pm, or even 2:35 am. Whenever I go to the bathroom to take a shit, and only sit down for about a half minute, some asshole will go banging on the bathroom door saying "Hurry up, I gotta poop/pee!"

Usually my step mother. God damn it.

Posted by Dosensuppen - May 22nd, 2012

We have a cat, who's bee pregnant for a while. Wasn't exactly sure when the due date of these cats would be, nor did we know how many weeks she's been pregnant.

Learned something, pets desire someone to watch over them when they're giving birth. She came out meowing for me and only stopped when I watched over her 'nest'. I did so with a stomach full of zebra cakes and Fallout: New Vegas nearby. It was my closet she chose.

Kids came into this world a bit hard. She chose a very tight spot in the closet with a box nearby. After a while she meowed at me and my dad. We got them out, some of the kittens were still attached to each other's umbilical cord. Guess the mother couldn't get to them to disconnect them all.

But we cleaned out the closet's spot, set up a little station for them. They're doing fine. About 3 days old upon this post.

They're still small, at the mouse-esque state where they crawl over each other and try to get milk.

Got two grey ones, a black one, and a calico one. I'll post later when they get bigger and start running around.

I got Kittens