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Dosensuppen's News

Posted by Dosensuppen - November 10th, 2013


Posted by Dosensuppen - July 24th, 2013

I am very smart.

Very Smart

Posted by Dosensuppen - July 13th, 2013

Am I the only one growing increasingly tired of seeing them advertised?

Posted by Dosensuppen - May 10th, 2013


Posted by Dosensuppen - April 24th, 2013

A long ass fucking time ago, I, along with Krutches, made a flash for Star Wars, called Death Star: The Nick Name.

It did well, despite our horrid art and animation. Giving us a Daily 3rd. It was a day we celebrated as it was our first award.

That was about twoish years ago. We started on this project, but worked on and off with no motivation. On the plus side, my art approved, his voicing approved, over all, we approved as a team.

So, after a while, I finally put it down and finished off what was needed. Better audio, better art, better animation.

Death Star2: Not Clones:


Enjoy the commonly parodied nonsense that is Star Wars. Because god knows there's not enough of them around.

Death Star 2: Not Clones

Posted by Dosensuppen - April 8th, 2013

Indeed he is.

Posted by Dosensuppen - January 27th, 2013

I don't post anymore.

Posted by Dosensuppen - January 3rd, 2013

There's this guy who sent me a PM trying advertise his work and all.


Sent 2 hours ago

Thanks for leaving a comment on SoupSquad's animation which I had a song on with Aaron Musslewhite (hyperventilate). I also wanna invite you to my music page - always something new over there (just click link below!)



Sent 1 hour ago

Well I think you better recognize what the fuck songs you take...that song from Aaron Musslewhite had my vocals on it...God u fuckin animators are so narcissistic



Sent 2 minutes ago

I didn't animate it. Someone else did. I have no access to it. You'd know that if you actually check who submitted it.

You really have absolutely no idea what in the world Soup Squad is. It's a group.

By the way, you're calling me narcissistic and here you are trying to advertise your work to every single person who makes a comment with your music. You're doing the best you can to try to gain any form of publicity. I heard your biggest defense was boasting your fan statistic.

Seriously, you're hilarious.



Sent 9 hours ago

Enjoy being blocked!


And that does it for the pms.

The hilarity of this guy. He came in very uneducated about who I was, who the group was, and gets angry when I call him on his tactics.

Sure, I can understand the irritation he must feel for someone not crediting his song. But neither I, nor does the Soup Squad account have that access. And he'd know that if he looked at the portal and see the FIRST account listed is neither of those two. Why get snippy at me? I didn't do it. And that review was OLD. It took me looking through flashes to even figure out what he was talking about, as well as looking at his song collection.

In case you're wondering...


In which he did credit the MAIN author of the flash.

This guy....

Posted by Dosensuppen - December 10th, 2012

Yup. Finally putting work into the sequel of this old shitter.

Artwise, it's looking a lot nicer than the first.

Think it should be pretty decent for a parody.

Death Star 2

Posted by Dosensuppen - October 15th, 2012

Remember back when getting level 60 was a big deal? When Pimp and Bomb reached the top of the ladder and it was like "Wow, that's impressive?" Even when Oblivion got it -- there was still some flare there.

Now? Nothing. Means diddly. Soon it'll be 50 people who reached the top. Kinda like beating a game and there's nothing left to do.

Also, pre-2012 level 60 > Current.

14 People Who Are Level 60s